Business Intelligence Solutions

The B.I. Practice helps organisations define their information architecture, which enables them to decide upfront which tools, standards and processes will be used across the organisation, thereby reducing redundancy and costs, while maximising the effectiveness of enterprise data management process.

Our experience extends through the full systems development lifecycle, from business case definition and requirements to architecture, design, implementation, testing, rollout, training and support. Our consultants are skilled in designing and building data repositories that meet the information and data quality needs of the entire enterprise, from executive decision makers to administrative and customer-facing staff.

These skills encompass the full range of disciplines, including data acquisition, data quality management, data cleansing, data modelling, database design, report design, dashboard design and portal deployment to support all types of data schemas and data repositories, from marts and operational data stores to low-latency data hubs and data warehouses.

Integration of data across multiple systems gives you an enterprise-wide view of your business. We offer solutions and expertise to integrate and consolidate data from diverse and disparate sources, stored and managed centrally for fast and easy access.

With the demand for online data availability, our solutions address today's dramatic increases in data volumes and complexity, enabling timely access to accurate and relevant data at a more granular level.

Data quality is a growing concern for most organisations. Information intensive applications such as Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can only achieve trusted results if the data they use is reliable, complete and accurate. There are substantial costs associated with data management, including acquisition, maintenance, storage and applications. According to Gartner, bad data can increase these costs by a factor of 10 when one considers the costs arising from bad business decisions based on such data.

The B.I. Practice provides the infrastructure software and ability to maintain high quality data in-house, enabling data owners to quickly achieve important benefits, including cost savings, better decision making, improved customer service, streamlined operations and effective supply chain management.

Data presentation - A critical success factor in any large-scale BI implementation is ensuring your target users can trust and access the data they need, when they need it, in the format that they need it to make better business decisions faster.

We offer the expertise in developing business intelligence solutions that deliver information to the proper audiences in a secure manner within and beyond your enterprise to improve overall decision-making.

With a BI solution from the B.I. Practice, your various end user communities achieve faster, more flexible access to complex and voluminous business data for reporting, analysis and performance management.