Sybase IQ 15 delivers smartest, most cost-effective answers to business analytics questions

Sybase extends its leadership in column-oriented architecture, delivering lightning-fast load speeds and blazing query performance for business-critical decision-making

This latest version of Sybase IQ is designed to deliver dramatically faster, more accurate analysis and reporting to address the growing need to make well-informed business-critical decisions based on real-time data.

Sybase IQ 15 builds upon the world's leading column-based analytics server by adding more power, flexibility and manageability to today's data-laden and user-expanding analytics environments, enabling enterprises to anticipate market risks and opportunities, stay ahead of customer preferences and adjust business processes to enable growth – all at a very affordable cost to implement and manage.

Sybase IQ 15 represents the most mature and feature-rich column-oriented analytics offering in the marketplace today, as well as the fastest analytics server in the world. To date, nobody delivers more accurate and cost-effective analytics solutions to enable winning business results by attracting new customers, growing revenues, and predicting outcomes and risks in today's volatile and competitive world climate.

With today's enterprises facing constrained IT budgets, smart corporate decision-making relies more heavily than ever upon the ability to support sophisticated, real-time analytics on large volumes of data, without sacrificing profit margins. As business decisions are more closely scrutinised, analytical workloads are increasing, in terms of the number of users and departments using analytics, the amount of information to analyse and the complexity of the questions being asked of the system. These factors have been causing existing business intelligence system performance to dramatically deteriorate and in some cases to fail.

“Over the past year, as the need for greater insight into enterprise-wide operations has increased and the awareness of the benefits of business analytics has grown, most organisations' related technology requirements have continued to evolve," said Dan Vesset, Programme Vice-President of IDC's business analytics research. "The features and functionality added to this release of Sybase IQ are likely to find a receptive audience among organisations turning to evidence-based decision-making."

"South African businesses are leading some of their international counterparts by understanding the value of exploiting massive data volumes to provide more accurate trend analysis and customer profiling information". says Estelle de Beer, Practice Manager at Sybase SA's B.I.Practice. “Storing and maintaining large data volumes is here to stay,” adds De Beer, “but it requires very effective management to provide business value. Sybase IQ has played a significant role in the local customer base for the past 10 years to not only manage large volumes of data, but also to provide unexpected access performance benefits very cost effectively. In 2008, we experienced an above average growth in our local customer base and their usage of Sybase IQ. The release of version 15 will add more sophistication to this column-based engine.”

Sybase IQ 15 delivers a smarter approach to enrich the enterprise analytics experience, enabling enterprises to increase performance, scale their environment and reduce the costs of maintaining the analytics environment. Specific benefits and new functionality include:

* Greater flexibility
* Record speed
* Improved information availability
* Better manageability
* Enhanced security
* Greater economy
* More power

Sybase IQ 15 was launched in Dublin, California today and is currently scheduled to be available in South Africa on 31 March 2009. For more information on Sybase IQ, please visit